' it was all a secret! ' 

I find a frequently asked question asked many times daily surrounding my social channels is who is 'gh0stblondie'? Who is behind it? And why is it called 'gh0stblondie' ? Well it's a long story but in a nutshell, I started a blog and tried long and hard for everyone I knew NOT to find it so I came up with 'gh0st' - ghost meaning a secret and unknown ( a 0 so the name was harder to guess!) and 'blondie' well it's pretty simple, I'm blonde!  
This blog has always been a huge secret of mine, I've always been very creative and found this was a huge way in which I could express my self. It was all a secret, but here we are, several years later. Writing ( or should I say typing) and have never felt so happy and content with anything in my life! So many wonderful opportunities have come my way which I couldn't have dreamt of and for that, to everyone or anyone reading my blog, I am FOREVER grateful!

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