Updated: Aug 31, 2018

Lets talk about Monday! I'm sat here now, typing up this post feeling totally inspired by yesterday and feeling a mix of emotions now it's all over. It was a day filled with nerves, laughs, meeting new people and filming in an actual studio (whhaaaat!!!) Beauty Bootcamp was a day I will never forget, and no matter what the outcome is I met some wonderful people, and definitely pushed my self out of my comfort zone, I can genuinely say I loved every single second of it. I can't thank the camera crew and Kirsty enough for making feel at ease whilst filming. I'm attempting to not sound reeaallly cheesy right now but, it was one of the best, most treasured moments in my lifetime. 

The morning started with a game of 'Guess The Beauty Product' fair to say this wasn't my strong point, after practically squirting the contents of a hair mud mask all over my hand, and a little bit of help from Zara, I got it (sort of!). We then had a Q&A with the current LookFantastic BeautySet, what an absolute wonderful group of ladies they are. Beth, Tabitha, Sam and Dieulinh's Tips, tricks and heart to hearts throughout the day, a genuine bunch of bloggers and influencers who are simply there doing exactly what they love, and their passion truly shines through. 

I opted for glitter on the day ( very time consuming!) and a possible wrong move, but I was over the moon with the amount of compliments I received!!! I was running a tad bit late so forgot my eyebrow pencil. The team at Benefit where on hand to help, Ruby was an absolute babe and used the Precisely my brow pencil in Shade 3, and made my brows look the best they have done in a long time. Every time I meet a member of the Benefit Cosmetics team they go above and beyond Ruby, Jodie and Judy where the absolute dream team. I had a real heart to heart with the girls and they made me feel a lot more comfortable and ready to film my challenge. 

So next up was the video challenge, nervous was the understatement of the year. I love filming videos it's my passion but never have I ever filmed a video with a whole crew. Kirsty called me through and from that moment I was followed by a camera, a very new experience, although I felt really anxious I really, really, realllly enjoyed it. It was a whole new experience, the camera crew where excellent and making me feel like I was sat in my room at home, alone speaking to my little camera. Looking back on it, I LOVED IT, and I would love nothing more than to do it again. 

From the afternoon when I sat in my room and filmed my hack, I never thought I could make the final 15, I did it! I was so proud of my self, it felt like for the first time in a long time I was being recognised, and I was given a once in a lifetime opportunity, the whole experience is something I will cherish forever.  For forever and ever I have been a nervous person, my blog is called gh0stblondie, it's a name I chose for my blog four years ago when I was at school. A name in which I could talk to my audience ( if anyone was actually reading!) and no one would find out, over the years it's grown and people have found out, and people have reacted just as I thought, judged, and made fun of. WHY! I'm talking about my passion, me, makeup, clothes, more makeup. This is me, my confidence has grown miles and miles since blogging, I am working on being more me, being more confident and I can't thank LookFantastic enough. 

Thankyou to the whole team ,everyone I met on the day, to all those involved, everyone who complimented my glitter eye makeup and shoes! It's been a dream!


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