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Okay, so I had no idea what to call the blogpost. But, wow did I have to tell you all about this. Although this blog,website and all over platform for all things gh0stblondie is now very much more modern than were it all started for me, THIS is where it all started. I started gh0stblondie around 6 years ago and it was known as 'blondegirl1382' mysterious so NO ONE would find it! But that wasn't good enough to then a week later I changed it to 'gh0stblondie' along with every other social media platform I had for my blog.

'gh0stblondie' well I chose 'gh0st' a ghost of which the meaning is quite, hidden and can't be seen. And 'blondie' well I have blonde hair! No one ever found out, I told NO ONE. It was a secret and I loved it. One place in which I could be myself and just talk about everything I loved, shared my tips and tricks in makeup and so many people seemed to really enjoyed it!

So @hudabeauty created a campaign supporting her new concealer known as the Overachiever Concealer - Heres my entry

OVERACHIEVER X @hudabeauty Okay so here it goes, my names Honor, and I am an ‘overachiever’ I’ve always been creative, ask anyone I’ve always loved art, and let me tell you boys and girls this shines through every aspect of life! I’m a constant mess between wanting to impress EVERYONE! So where it all began was APRIL 6 YEARS AGOOO 👋🏼 I started a blog, it was about makeup, wishlist’s about makeup, oh and more makeup! There was just one thing! IT WAS ALL A SECRET!!! I told no one, my friends didn’t know, my family didn’t know but I enjoyed almost living a secret and just expressing my self! It was called gh0stblondie because well ‘gh0st’ (a form of secrecy, invisibility) and ‘blondie’ (well I’m blonde) I went 5 years without anyone seeing or finding it! I launched my YouTube channel, my instagram, new and improved blog, been shared on insane worldwide brand pages and yet no one EVER FOUND OUT... Until one day, at college everyone found out, my heart sunk! I was distraught! My own little piece of this world had been found out! ‘Urrr have you seen Honor’s blog and channel, it’s sh*t’! My YouTube was put on the line and everyone took the p*ss out of me! I let them win and I never returned again! I drifted away from everyone, I have no friends and speak to no one other than in the four walls of my house and well ALL OF YOU! Throughout this whole journey ALL of you have been there! MAKEUP has been there! I’ve lost a lot of people but Makeup doesn’t go! My creativity has only grown! I’ve worked with AMAZING brands, (PROPER PINCH ME MOMENTS) INCREDIBLE opportunities, and INSANE people like you all!!! I always strive for more! I am an overachiever and proud of it! I want the world to see me! I want everyone who has ever doubted me to know, yes I’m ‘gh0stblondie’ but one day something HUGE to happen and say that’s Honor! @hudabeauty #hudabeautyoverachiever#hudabeauty


I went to DUBAI with HUDABEAUTY, I filmed, I had a photoshoot and I went on a plane all by my self, blogging was the making of gh0stblondie! I wouldn't be here without this, I wouldn't land these HUGE opportunities without this! The best is yet to come...

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