Updated: Oct 25, 2018

When I think of glowy, radiant, and and flawless looking skin I think of MAC. I have always been a MAC fanatic! It's my favourite brand, when there's a new launch I feel beyond excited. Every single product is iconic, whether is be a lipstick, foundation or one of their ever so wonderful limited edition collections! (especially the Cinderella one!). It's starting to get warmer in England, starting to, let's not commit to it because we all know it will be raining by this time next!

But, it doesn't matter because we've got MAC to keep us going through those cloudy days! And I want to share with you some of the best summer lovin' products. First lets start with my ultimate get-glowy-quick hack! I have been using this hack for years and years, it's my go-to! 

As part of my entry to join the Beauty Set we had to upload a 30-second video of our top beauty hack, mine was super easy and I knew I had to use this one. It's soooo easy, and anyone can try it, male, female and all colours of skin. It makes you feel confident, glowy and radiant. Below I have a tutorial on exactly how to make it. All you need is some MAC PREP AND PRIME FIX + AND SOME MAC REFLECTS GOLD PIGMENT!




Okay, so I could talk on and on for the longest time about my favourite MAC Cosmetics products. I must say over the past year or so they have really stepped up the game with their highlighters! Some of my favourites include the Extra Dimension Skin Finish Highlighters. I have become particularly fond of these highlighters because I find they don't lose it's pigmentation no matter how many times I have used it, my favourite shade is Bleaming Blush, it's a stunning rose gold shade with subtle hint of pink/gold. Perfect for every skin colour and complexion, especially when using the MAC 184S duo fibre fan brush!

HACK : ( To really make any highlighter POP! Apply a quick spritz of ' MAC PREP AND PRIME FIX + ') 

Next up I 100000% had to feature one of their new palettes, recently MAC have introduced an all new highlighting Palette. There are a variety available in the 'Hyperreal' Range, my favourite is the FLASH + AWE, I find the centre shade lovley as a blush topper, and I cant wait to wear it all over my cheek bones, collar bones and shoulders throughout the summer!!!

And lest we not forget all about the all new MAC PREP + PRIME FIX+ SPRAY it seems my little hack has no become a product in MAC, I have purhased this and it is a very similar concept to my hack, so if your not up for spending £19, then feel free to try the hack and I would love to know how yours turned out!

Once again there are a selection of shades and my favourite is definitely 'Pinklite'. It provides a lovely radiant, healthy look to your skin, and once again applying this to your brush before adding highlight REALLLY adds a pop, to the highlight!

Did you know!? 

In the month of May, it's all about the glow with LookFantastic and MAC 

With exclusive BeautyHacks, Interviews and Masterclasses if you don't already know the art of highlighting MAC Cosmetics and LookFantastic have got your back, and you'll be applying highlight like a pro by the end of the month, I PROMISE!

I Hope you enjoyed reading this quick and easy insight into getting GLOWY with MAC!


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