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Well, here it goes, an all new series here on gh0stblondie! Although I would typically film a video like this for my Youtube, I'm REALLY into blogging at the moment so here we go! I have been trying out lots of new makeup this week, with the HAUL OF ALL HAULS from mega babes @Hudabeauty! I have been quite literally drowning in makeup! (not an exaggeration) I have tried lashes, more lashes, palettes oh! And more palettes!

First up let's talk base!

SOOOO HUDA LET'S TALK! I AM OBSESSED! This week I finally got my hands on the Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Powder. As a girl who has combination skin this was an actual dream! I put my makeup on 8am and removed my makeup at around 9:30pm and WOW! My makeup has never lasted, and looked so good at the end of the day! I am in love with the packaging, in LOVE with the formula, and last but not least, how bomb is the shade range! It's a definite must have!

Next up is a palette, a palette I have NO idea how I lived without it! Before this week, ( you must be wondering if I've been living under a rock by this point!) I had never tried the HudaBeauty Desert Dusk Palette! I am a warm toned makeup enthusiast at it's best, I live for warm tones, I feel they suit me best as I have blue eyes! Each and every shade in this palette apply effortlessly and look stunning on the eyes. My signature look by the end of the week has been applying 'Eden' as a transition shade, layered by 'Blazing' and in the outer crease by 'Saffron' and as the overall lid shade I used 'Desert Sand' topped by 'Nefertiti'. With almost EVERY palette I own a setting spray is essential for pigmentation when using a shimmer, this palette needs NONE OF IT! One swipe using a brush or your finger and it glides on like a dream! It's made me so excited to try the new palette launching soon!

And last but certainly not least let's talk LIPS! When I planned this post, I knew exactly what product I had to tell you all about! I often, probably like most people, find liquid lipsticks very uncomfortable! They can be dry and uncomfortable! I tried Huda's Liquid lipsticks just over a year ago and I have sworn by this formula and shade ever since. 'Bombshell' is my absolute GO-TO! I wear almost everyday, it smells gorgeous! The formula is very opaque and to top it off, there are SOOO many shades!

Make sure to check out my favourite HudaBeauty products and definitely let me know yours!!!

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