Makeup trends were bringing back this autumn...

So I feel like this is a very exciting time of year, (for makeup anyway!). We are slowly moving into the colder and more autumnal months and that means it's time for bold lips, warm shadows and a whole lot of berry tones!

So first up I think we need to bring black eye shadow back! Yes, I said it! Although there is a small minority of people that use black shadow, I feel there is alot of people almost scared to use it, myself included. But it's important we know the right way to use it. First up, ease yourself in, a rule to black shadow I ALWAYS go buy is to use a transition shade. Yellows, warm tones pair great and then apply in small layers until you build your up to your desired look.

Use it instead of liner! Eyeliner can be scary for first time users and even for an expert in makeup. However use tape and black shadow and it can be your new best friend. When I want a subtle glam to pair with a bold lip, I apply a base, set with loose powder. Next I apply tape where I would if I were applying a winged liner. Apply black shadow to your lash line and past the tape, and the BLEND, BLEND, BLEND! Remove the tape and your good to go!

The Bold Lip! Be brave and work it, I used to NEVER wear bold colours. I wouldn't want to bring attention to myself, but over the year makeup has definitely became bolder and brighter! I love a bold lip especially along with brands such as Bobbi Brown, Gerard Cosmetics, Nyx and MAC! Obviously it all comes down to your skin tone, and also the colours undertone. When working with reds, they can range from anything to orange to blue undertones so it's worth having a good swatch and trying out what would most suit YOU!

Although I LOVE a bright red, I don't always feel it suits me. But my GO-TO is MAC 'Amorous'. It is in my words one of the most under-rated MAC lipsticks! I have never met anyone else who has worn it. It suits my skin tone, it would suit all skin tones! It a mauvy-ish! Darkish plum with a hint of redish - brown (if that makes any sense!) I would totally recommend this to add to your autumn makeup routine!

So there you have it, a quick and simple yet effective way to jazz up your autumn - fall makeup routine! Let me know if you try any out!!!

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