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It feels like only yesterday a young, unexperienced makeup me purchased the Rimmel 'Wake me Up' foundation! I remember seeing it on an advert many moons ago whilst watching Made in Chelsea. It was my GO-TO and favourite for absolute YEARS. It gave your skin the perfect amount of coverage and worked wonders all years round. Adding that touch of hydration throughout winter, and a light glowy finish throughout summer. So when I heard that Rimmel were releasing a brand new foundation I was SUPER excited and if anything, slightly intreeged as well. Mainly because the name and packaging sounds some what similar so I thought I would put it to the test! I picked up both the Lasting Radiance Foundation and Concealer (prices may vary depending on where you purchase).

Rimmel states 'This foundation instantly illuminates the skin with a healthy radiant glow, and minimises the effects of pollution.'

  • Enriched with radiance pearls for a radiant glow

  • Anti-Pollutant and anti-oxidant complex

  • Coverage that lasts all day

  • Up to 24H hydrationSPF25

I wanted to give the foundation a fair test so I've tried it out everyday for the past 3 days, with 3 completely different applications. All foundations work in different ways, how they sit on your skin, breathe, perform throughout the day and lastly how they apply. Application is key so I tried 3 different products in order to do so. A beauty blender/sponge, a foundation/buffing brush and lastly a stippling brush. I find depending on the time of year can also determine how these will perform. (wow I feel like I may have made this all sound a bit complicated).

DAY 1 -

I wanted to start of on day 1 by using the makeup sponge, I use the tradition BeautyBlender but any sponge you have in your collection will do. A quick thing to add is I used the same primer everyday to keep this a fair test. I found the sponge absorbed alot of the foundation and not the best coverage out of the days, however after layering my skin looked glowy and DEFINITELY radiant.

DAY 2 -

Next up I used a buffing brush, I feel like everyone will have a foundation/buffing brush in their collection and for all of us, it's the quickest way to apply our makeup! (Let's be honestly boys and girls is there anything worse than having to get up and mess with a sponge when you haven't wet it!) Out of the three days I will be honest and say my makeup did not last the day, and slipped around my face. However, my skin looked FLAWLESS after application!

DAY 3 -

On the last day I used a stippling brush, I chose to use this as it's what I use to apply the Rimmel Wake Me Up, It glided on like a dream, a beautiful natural coverage, and lasted ALL day! This is definitely the way in which I would choose to apply again.

So to round up my thoughts, I LOVE this foundation, it will make the perfect everyday foundation, perfect for the transition into spring and onwards to summer. My skin instantly looked illuminated and I DIDN'T even wear highlight (WHATTTTTT!)

It's available at Superdrug for £9.99 now!

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