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It's been a long journey to find the perfect pair of jeans for my shape! I mean come on there's endless styles from high-rise, mid-rise, boyfriend to mom fit. The list is endless! I personally always found my self wearing the same pair for years on end, you know the signature 'Superskinny high-rise'. I wore them for years on end, but looking back they didn't really fit! They didn't look the best and well, I never actually felt confident in them.

However I have always been curious of 'mom' style jeans, I've always loved how they look on everyone else, stylish yet chic. However as a plus-size girl I have always found it near IMPOSSIBLE to find a pair, let alone in a shop to try. Taking it back to April this year I found the River Island 'Casey' Jeans. I have been a fan of RI PLUS ever since launching. It was one of the only retailers that actually offered a plus size range. I now SWEAR BY THEM! That perfect combination of everyday chic if you ask me. You can check me out on the RI Blog.

Take a look at how I style them here -

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