TikTok - A Social Experiment.

So, it's been a while! Where it all started for Gh0stblondie was just a little blog and WOW did I ever think it would come to this. Hell no! But I am so proud of what has become of this little corner of the internet! I've made a mark on most platforms of social media over the past several years from Instagram, to snapchat to Youtube, let's be honest the list endless. But, I'm bored. The algorithm sucks! You work hour by hour day by day to get noticed and your hard work is constantly pushed to the bottom of the pile. Overseen by the latest Geordie shore star sharing there weight loss juice, or slimming lollypops, figures!


So I dived head first into the world of TikTok. 'TikTok is an iOS and Android media app for creating and sharing short videos.' Simple right! Many describe it as cross between Vine and Musical.ly As someone who has a general love for video making I knew I would love it! I wanted to see how l could make my own unique stamp into the community. And well, IM SHOCKED! As a short summary it has took me over 6 years to grow my Instagram, it's been a long process and I have just over thirteen thousand followers, then comes tiktok, within the first six weeks I had a following of just over 5000 (honestly MINDBLOWN)


Okayyy so it's pretty obvious 'trends' are the quickest way of jumping onto the 'For you Page' and let me tell you when my first video blew up and everyone was commenting "FYP" I had never been so baffled, I mean looking back it was pretty obvious... My first popular upload was my easter egg upload which pretty much consisted of me painting my face into a chocolate easter egg, this particular one was a Flake egg, riveting right! I remember getting over 100,00 views in the first 24 hours. I was amazed at how many views I got in that space of time, I had never seen an increase of engagement on any of my social media's before and this particular video was bad quality, filmed in a rush and the least amount of effort put into it! But, that's how TikTok seems to work.

My profiles unique selling point seems to be eggs. Yes eggs. My most viewed video has over 1 million views so I'm going to go so far as to say thats viral, although my teenage brother seems to disagree but, I'm gonna count it. This particular video was filmed on the hottest day in UK history when temperatures reached around 40 degrees. This video was me simply frying an egg on the pavement. And WOW! Over 100,000 views in the first hour WHAAAT! The comments BLEW UP, alot from the UK however many more from around the globe and especially outside Europe! This video now has WELL over one millions views and well, I'm still surprised. I do actually feature other content, mainly makeup based with a touch of fashion and food! I find the easiest way to engage on the app is to take part in trends and viral sounds, and well dancing helps (not gonna lie I still haven't got the hand of that one)!

So there it is, TikTok. What I'm trying to say it one day you download it as a joke, perhaps a little bit intrigued. The next, your sat at home it's 3am and you've been scrolling through the foryoupage for the past three hours, do you see my point! TikTok is addictive. It's innovative. Social media was craving an app where you could be your self, and allow anyone to be heard, share the weird and wonderful you that you wouldn't want to post on Instagram. Cause let me tell you this is the ONLY app I can truly be me.

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