Why being YOU is so important!? #IAMFANTASTIC Campaign

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

Being the best version of your self is such a wonderful thing, we are all innovative in our own way! We forget that. In the mirror you might think you see the same image of your self everyday, you might? But embracing you, is so important? 

I, myself feel happiness everyday! I’m grateful for everything in life. And I love to express myself through makeup, very cliche I know! But when clothing and and your weight fails then hey, we have makeup. All things brows and colour are there. I often find my self gravitating towards those dare-ish bright colours. You know yellow's, greens and deep bright reds. Embracing my passion for art, something I've loved since I can remember and turning that in creativity because, I am Creative. 

Putting yourself out there is so important! In February I attended BeautyBootcamp with LookFantastic! And let me be the one to tell you, I was PETRIFIED! I have attended events before, and I often go with a fellow blogger friends, or my sister comes along! But this was all about me, it was one of the proudest moments in my life. I've been doubted for blogging etc, and recently I have finally learnt NO, I am proud of what I am doing! This day, this huge moment in my six year journey of gh0stblondie has lead up to this, and I learnt so, so, so much. Did you know filming in front of a crew isn't that scary! (Telling last years Honor would not believe you!) Be yourself, an embrace every second. Meeting a room of new people is an amazing experience. A moment I will never ever forget, a room full of warm, friendly and genuinely lovely people. 

Who would have thought uploading a 1 minute video, discussing my top beauty hacks would turn into such an amazing opportunity. Although I didn't make the BeautySet, it was the journey I will cherish, and LookFantastic as a brand are nothing but supporting and a tremendous, and the brands creativity is endless... 

Last year the #IAMFANTASTIC campaign was ICONIC. I had the pleasure of meeting

Tabby 'TakeHeart' ( The ultimate blogger babe, fashion inspo to dieee for! , I love her real life insta story updates, oh and she's running a marathon on top of all that!!! YOU GO GIRL, GOOD LUCK)!

It will all work out. It always does. Worrying is just a waste of your time, and being afraid is a waste of your time. I've had more acceptance and more love in my life in the last two years when I've been telling the truth and being open than I feel I've ever had.- Tabitha WarleyT

I also met Bethan 'BethyThunder' (Youtuber, my ultimate hair inspo, the most gorgeous pink locks your ever did see, ultimate pink girlboss and her eye makeup is absolutely stunnning!)

Beauty to me is accepting that everyone looks different. You’re not going to look like everyone else and that’s ok. There’s only one of you and that’s beautiful! -Bethan Webb

This campaign is proved YOU are important. You are YOU. And YOU should embrace every single flaw and choose to embrace it. I love makeup, and although there might be certain places, shops and outfits I cant wear like other people, I can recommend makeup and beauty products because they are one size fits all, and they trust my opinion. I love being me, I am a twin, and although my twin may be a boy, I still feel it's important that I can express my self and prove my individuality. We can all wear clothes, a clothing item can show your style and individuality. But, makeup can be BOLD, and show CREATIVITY, EXPRESS YOUR SELF and


I cant wait to see what LOOKFANTASTIC have in store this year with the #IAMFANTASTIC CAMPAIGN. 


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